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OVERVIEW: The way to well-written science

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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences...

SET 1: The Parts of Arguments

SET 2: Indicator Words

SET 3: Refining Claims

SET 4: Locating Arguments in Prose

SET 5: Rationale's Essay Planner

SET 6: Assessing

SET 7 : More on Assessing

Course Mechanics

How do I do this part?

You will do this part of the course by accessing this web site within the argument mapping application Rationale.

Open Rationale now, and then open this website in Rationale

One of Rationale's neatest features is its inline browser. The browser opens up as one option of the right-hand panel - the Text Panel. This is shown in the screenshot below, along with the two other panels - the central WorkSpace and the left-hand Building Panel. To open up the course website, launch Rationale, open up the Text Panel, choose the "Web" tab from within the Text Panel, and copy and paste the course URL in the Address Bar.

Text and images can be dragged from the browser window onto the WorkSpace, and most importantly, images of diagrams will expand out in an editable format. When you are doing the exercises, this often reduces the amount of typing or writing you would otherwise have to do.