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OVERVIEW: The way to well-written science

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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences...

SET 1: The Parts of Arguments

SET 2: Indicator Words

SET 3: Refining Claims

SET 4: Locating Arguments in Prose

SET 5: Rationale's Essay Planner

SET 6: Assessing

SET 7 : More on Assessing

Set 7 - More on assessing

In Set 7 we will take the evaluation skills you learned in Set 6 and apply them to more complex argument maps. At the end of this set you'll be evaluating highly-branched maps with confidence.

We will then look at how an assessed map can be written up using the argumentative strength of map items as a guide.

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Content of this page drawn in whole or part from the Austhink Rationale Exercises with permission from Austhink.