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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences...

SET 1: The Parts of Arguments

SET 2: Indicator Words

SET 3: Refining Claims

SET 4: Locating Arguments in Prose

SET 5: Rationale's Essay Planner

SET 6: Assessing

SET 7 : More on Assessing


In Set 1 we'll give you a set of claim boxes like these:

Beach boxes

We'll also give you a template that shows the pattern of reasoning, like this one:

Map Template

Your job is to use the claim boxes to build an argument matching the template.

To do that, you'll need to work out what kind of claim each box contains (position, reason, or objection) and where each claim belongs in the logical structure of that argument.

These claims fit into that structure in this way:

Beach example map

Here's how we arrived at this map.


Content of this page drawn in whole or part from the Austhink Rationale Exercises with permission from Austhink.