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Now we'll move on to mapping arguments on the workspace, using indicator words to help with this process.

Up until now you've been dragging boxes onto the workspace, but you can also drag text the same way. To drag text, highlight the portion you want, hold the mouse button down, and drag the text onto the workspace.


Consider the following short argument:

'The temperatures have been high, therefore there must be global warming'

(In the exercises this would be the piece of text you drag onto the Rationale workspace).

The indicator word "therefore" always precedes a claim or position, so "there must be global warming" is the position that "The temperatures have been high" supports. We would map the argument like this:

Global warming map

Here's how we arrived at this map.



Content of this page drawn in whole or part from the Austhink Rationale Exercises with permission from Austhink .