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OVERVIEW: The way to well-written science

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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences...

SET 1: The Parts of Arguments

SET 2: Indicator Words

SET 3: Refining Claims

SET 4: Locating Arguments in Prose

SET 5: Rationale's Essay Planner

SET 6: Assessing

SET 7 : More on Assessing

Set 5 - Rationale's Essay Planner

Rationale™ has an inbuilt essay planner - or generator.  This tool can help you learn some very elementary writing strategies.

The essay planner gives each item box (reason/claim/objection) equal weight when it generates text. In later weeks, we will learn how to evaluate the various sub-sections of a map, and we will assign each box a value that indicate its argumentative strength. When we come to write up texts later in the course, we will use these indices of relative argumentative strength as guides to how much we will emphasise any given sub-section.

The essay generator will NOT create text suitable for publication, but it WILL help you to understand a lot about writing easily accessible text..

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Content of this page drawn in whole or part from the Austhink Rationale Exercises with permission from Austhink.