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Synthesis 4: Writing a Discussion II

Consider this argument:

'That NASA is an equal opportunity employer is apparent from the fact that they employ female astronauts like Roberta Bondar and Mae Jemison'

Here's the map:


Let's think about the quality of the reasoning, rather than the structure.  Here's the evaluated map, which uses color coding and icons to show the evaluation:
NASA evaluated

This evaluation indicates that the basis gives good support to the reason, but the reason provides only weak support for the position - so we'll take no stand on the position.

Why did we evaluate it this way? Basically the problem is that even though NASA has hired these two women, this argument doesn't tell us whether NASA has hired more than two women, or whether NASA hires people from all races (which an 'equal opportunity employer' would do).  To see the step-by-step process of this evaluation click here.



Content of this page drawn in whole or part from the Austhink Rationale Exercises with permission from Austhink.