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OVERVIEW: The way to well-written science

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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences

SET A: Paragraphs: The Maps Behind Them

SET B: Paragraphs: Using Maps to Meet Readers' Expectations

SET C: Paragraph Coherence and Cohesion

SET D: Sentences

SET E: Scientific Sections (including Methods)

SET F: Scientific Sections: The Discussion

SET G : Scientific Sections: The Introduction

SET H : The Paper as a Whole

Exercise 2

In Set F you composed the Discussion for a paper about the Picobar Tree Frog. In this exercise you need to write an Introduction for the same paper. It should be consist of three paragraphs, which introduce the Research Area, General Research Question, Specific Research Question and Objectives in the locations shown in the diagram below:













The Landmark Sentence of the 2nd paragraph (the SRQ) will be its final sentence and thus this paragraph requires a Pointer Sentence, which will introduce the GRQ.

Hopefully in your Discussion you will have already included content suitable for the Research Area and General Research Question. Some indications of suitable content are found in this powerpoint presentation (best viewed by turning off the animation: see Slide Show menu, "Set-up Show" option). You are however encouraged to include any extra fictional content to help flesh out the story.