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OVERVIEW: The way to well-written science

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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences

SET A: Paragraphs: The Maps Behind Them

SET B: Paragraphs: Using Maps to Meet Readers' Expectations

SET C: Paragraph Coherence and Cohesion

SET D: Sentences

SET E: Scientific Sections (including Methods)

SET F: Scientific Sections: The Discussion

SET G : Scientific Sections: The Introduction

SET H : The Paper as a Whole

Exercise 1 - Quiz

Let's get some practise at finding the Landmark Sentence of a paragraph.

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The quiz will open in a new window. Close the quiz window when you're finished, then check your ranking below. If you are doing this exercise in a class, please add in the following information to your worksheet:

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  • The number of questions answered first the right time


How did you go?

100%   Picture perfect framing

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50%     Near the edge of the frame

25%     Hanging on by your fingernails

0%       Houston, we have a problem.