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OVERVIEW: The way to well-written science

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PART I: Paragraphs and Sentences

SET A: Paragraphs: The Maps Behind Them

SET B: Paragraphs: Using Maps to Meet Readers' Expectations

SET C: Paragraph Coherence and Cohesion

SET D: Sentences

SET E: Scientific Sections (including Methods)

SET F: Scientific Sections: The Discussion

SET G : Scientific Sections: The Introduction

SET H : The Paper as a Whole

Exercise 2

Your overall task is to write up the map below as a single paragraph of no more than FIVE sentences.

In detail:

(1) Drag the image of the map below onto the Rationale workspace, from Rationale's inline browser.

(2) Select the map (click on its top box) and then copy and paste the map so that you have two copies.

(3) Select one copy, and then change its mode from "Reasoning" to "Grouping" (far right of the Home menu).

(4) Colour code the boxes so that you group the sentences that you think can be combined into a multi-part sentence. (Note: the very first sentence of the paragraph should only consist of the single sentence in the very top box. In a written argument it is generally advisable to present the main claim "pure and simple" - readers are then more ikely to understand that this is the claim being argued.)

(5) The terms CURRENT and PREVIOUS at the top of each box indicate whether the statement in the box relates to current or previous research. Where citations are provided include them in typical journal fashion (e.g Voltij and Ampraj, 1987).

(6) Once you have finished the colour-coding, write up the map as a a single paragraph of no more than FIVE sentences, of which the first sentence (the Landmark Sentence) is the sentence in the top box.